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We are honored to announce our NEW section of our park deticated to our armed forces.
 Micro Homes for our U. S. Veterans who are looking for permanent living.
This is a must have in our community. Hundreds of Veterans are homeless and need a place to call home. Why not build a place called Almost Home. So I did.
My name is Big Jim Napier. 
My wife Sheri and I started this project in 2014 building a small campground with dreams of retirement inTennessee. We are currently working on our Micro housing project of 25 homes to house Veterans and family in a Micro Housing Project built for our American Veterans in Springville, Tennessee. 
Our Campground and Veterans Park is located near the beautiful shores of Kentucky Lake and open all year. It provides 5 boat ramps minutes from the park. This gives our Veterans a place for great fishing and boating or just watching the wildlife and sunsets. Our project provides affordale housing and a community support way of living. Every home has a porch to encourage neighborhood support and to be a huge family.  These homes are a great way to allow our Veterans a fresh start after serving our country. Some cabins can be shared by Veterans and some will live private. It really goes on a case by case. But the main objective is they can be home. With dry, warm and cool cabins to fully equipped cabins it provides shelter for so many that had nothing before our project but a shelter or living on the streets. No Sex Offenders allowed will provide a safer community for all that live or visit our community. This project is currently funded by myself and my wife but reaching out to every community gives us a fighting chance. We need suport from churches around the country to give us a lending hand. This project was a dream of mine that has come to life with lots of hard times and struggles and a very supportve wife and family. Now with the support of AmVets, V.F.W. and the American Leagion we are seeing a major growth to our community. Our vision is to house every person we can nationwide who served or armed forces that needs our help. This project will not fix homelessness but it will make a dent. So if your in need of a home please contact us. If you would like to be a corperate sponsor or private donation for a cabin please contact us ASAP as we want to house our Veterans as fast as we can. If you want to rent a cabin to help the support of the program we would love to meet you. 
Cabin rentals available if not occuppied by an American Veteran..
Ask For Details and avaiblilities.